You Have One Day Left To Apply To TC Pitch-Offs In Boston And Atlanta

You have exactly one day left to apply for the TC Pitch-offs in Boston and Atlanta, which will be held on February 23 and February 25 respectively.

Why have you put it off until now? Who knows?

Maybe you procrastinate. Maybe you’re plagued by overwhelming self-doubt and would rather not try at all then try and fail. Maybe you’re just lazy. Or maybe you hadn’t heard about the Pitch-Offs at all until this very moment.

Whatever the reason, it cannot be put off any longer.

Apply here.

But what is a TC Pitch-off, you might be wondering.

It’s an opportunity for ten pre-selected companies to hop up on stage and pitch their wares to their local audience and a panel of expert VC judges.

Each will have exactly sixty seconds to complete their pitch, which will be followed by a quick Q&A from the judges. At the end, they’ll determine the winners.

First place will get a table in Startup Alley at the upcoming TC Disrupt NY. Second place will get two tickets to the conference, and the Audience Choice winner will get one ticket to the big show.

But even if you’re not an entrepreneur, there’s still fun to be had at the TC Meetups. We’ll be holding the events at a bar (drinking is always fun, but 21+ please) and there will be plenty of time for networking after the pitches.

Buy tickets here for Boston and here for Atlanta.

See you soon!

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