Google Forms Gets Templates, Add-On Support And More

Google Forms, the company’s tool for creating and analyzing surveys, is getting a major update today. Google is adding a slew of new features to the service that range from support for templates to new options for analyzing surveys.

Google’s last update to Forms brought a design update and added the ability to add logos, videos and GIFs to surveys.

With today’s release, you can now select from a number of templates for standard surveys like customer feedback, quizzes and event sign-up right from the Google Forms home screen. Until now, forms dropped you right into the editor when you started a new form, but you always had to start from scratch. These new templates should make it quite a bit easier to get started with the service.

Also new in Form is support for add-ons and Google’s Apps Scripts. Just like in Docs and Sheets, for example, you will now able to use some third-party tools like Form Publisher, Choice Eliminator and g(Math) for Forms right from the Forms interface.

Google is also adding a few new features for analyzing surveys. Google Apps for Work and Education users can now easily see who has responded to a survey, for example (and prod those who haven’t with the help of the new “send reminder email” feature).


Users can now also see individual responses from the Forms editor and they can choose to get notified in real-time when somebody responds to a form.