Bullish: A New Era

After a short hiatus, Bullish has returned. The talk show is exactly how you remember it, except with a new host (that’s me, MRD!) and way better music. Sorry I’m not sorry, Alex!

Anyway, this week we brought in Matthew Schwab, president of on-demand flower delivery BloomThat, to shed some light on the on-demand economy, expectations around liability and delivery logistics. BloomThat, for example, initially handled the whole flower delivery process from end-to-end. The company eventually realized, Schwab said, that it didn’t make sense to do that, so BloomThat ultimately decided to partner with local and national couriers, like FedEx, UPS and Deliv, a startup that offers same-day delivery services.

We also chatted about just how on-demand the on-demand economy should be. In other words, how fast on-demand deliveries need to arrive.

“Where is that balance between the two-hour, four-hour window as compared to in forty minutes,” Schwab told me on Bullish. “And figuring out that balance I think is going to be really key in 2016.”

It’s different depending on what it is a company is delivering, Schwab says. If it’s food, you’re probably going to want it within the hour, but with flowers, same day in a matter of hours will probably be good enough.

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