Study: Music Is The Food Of Love

In what is probably one of the most unique studies involving iBeacons, music, and sex anyone has ever done, a researcher (in connection with Apple Music and Sonos) has found that music in the home increases togetherness, closer “proximity,” and leads to 67% more sex worldwide.

Now before you say “Hey, this is just Apple and Sonos trying to sell us product” understand that the goal was to create an independent study that used Sonos and Apple Music as the tools to add music to the home in some study participants. The bottom line? According to the study “across all countries survey respondents listening to music out loud the most reported that they spent on average 3 hours and 13 minutes more together per week compared to the ones listening to music out loud the least.”

Irritable at home? “The participants in our field study reported feeling on an average 15% less hostile during the week with music. They also reported feeling 24% less irritable.”

Then there’s the sex:

The survey shows that the couples who listen to music out loud the most have sex on average 2.5 times per week. The couples who don’t listen to music out loud have sex only 1.5 times per week.

Bam. Let’s get those playlists humming, friends.

The companies hired a consultant, neuropsychologist Dr. Daniel J. Levitin, to help craft the study. They asked 30,000 individuals about their behaviors and tendency to listen to music at home and they outfitted a number of homes with Sonos and Apple gear to examine the relation between music and happiness. They’ve published their findings here.

Again, this is a marketing ploy – the study is being released alongside the availability of Apple Music on Sonos – but if even turning on a transistor radio will encourage more huggin’, lovin’ and sexin’, I’m willing to overlook the marketing and look instead to the universal ability for music to bring us together in life or, more correctly, together in bed.