Cora Delivers Organic Cotton Tampons On Demand And In Style

You can’t swing a bag of cats without hitting a new tampon startup. Whether it’s about scheduling deliveries or getting something sweet with the deal, startups are looking to disrupt the age-old feminine care industry with a number of twists and tricks.

But Cora, a startup launching today, is looking to re-imagine the entire experience of buying and using tampons, from delivery to manufacturing to design.

To start, all of Cora’s tampons are made with organic cotton. Most cotton tampons you buy at the drug store include plenty of ingredients beyond cotton, including Rayon, which is generally bad and even worse when in contact with a lady’s hoo-ha. Plus, cotton is one of the ‘dirtiest’ crops, grown with a number of pesticides and other chemicals.

All of Cora’s tampons are made from 100 percent organic cotton. Plus, they’re specifically designed for maximum absorption and less leakage, which has been an issue for organic cotton tampons thus far.

As expected, Cora sets up a scheduled delivery of the tampons you need so that you don’t ever end up in a situation where you’re unprepared for Aunt Flo’s monthly visit. You can mix and match the type of tampons (half super, half regular, etc.).

But it goes beyond health and performance — Cora is focused on design.

Cora tampons are packaged discreetly in a small black tube that looks an awful lot like a lipstick. The products arrive in a cardboard box, but come with a specially designed black box to sit under the sink and hold your tampons. The idea here is that most women put their tampon box under the sink and swap them out from month to month, always with the same brightly colored, crappy box amidst their other toiletries.

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The Cora black box is meant to be permanent and hold tampons from month to month, keeping the user more organized.

Beyond that, Cora also comes with a little black purse-like bag that can hold about a handful of individual tampons. This is meant to live in a woman’s purse so that they’re always prepared for that crimson tide.

Finally, Cora offers a handful of individually packaged tampons that can be handed out to friends in need or taken to the bathroom discreetly, without having to bring your entire purse. Each of these individually wrapped tampons comes with a referral code, acting as their own marketing tool.

To learn more about Cora, check out the website here.