TechHub Expands Its Partnership With Google Into India, Latvia And Romania

UK-based startup community and workspace TechHub has been an international organization for some time, but now it is expanding its partnership with Google — and the Google for Entrepreneurs program — into three new countries: India, Latvia and Romania.

Google has been a TechHub sponsor since 2010 — it teamed up with the organization to open its Campus London facility in 2012 — and now the relationship is extending beyond the UK, Poland and Spain to bring benefits to other TechHub members worldwide.

TechHub members in India (Bangalore), Latvia and Romania now have access to a range of resources offered by Google for Entrepreneurs: including its network of mentors, international demo days, exchange programs, and Google Cloud Platform credit for startups that quality. All in all, TechHub says, that takes the alliance’s reach to some 700 startups across the organization’s presence in six countries.

TechHub said it will mark the expansion by hosting a series of events across each of its countries this month. The first took place in London yesterday, Riga is next up on February 10. The final meet-up is in Bangalore on February 22 — you can check the TechHub blog for full details.

Disclosure: TechHub was co-founded in 2009 by TechCrunch’s Mike Butcher, who is now an adviser, and is run full time by Elizabeth Varley and her team.