Meet The Finalists For The NFL’s 1st And Future

It’s here! 1st and Future, the startup pitch hosted jointly by the NFL, Stanford and your favorite tech blog, TechCrunch, is tomorrow!

We’ve scoured fields, courts, arenas and stadiums around the world to find the most promising startups bringing technology to sports. These companies help athletes move faster, stay safer and ultimately perform better.

But what about those of you who are cheering the stands or watching from home? Not to worry, these startups will help you get your tickets or gear faster, navigate the stadium and connect with your team. They’ll show you a whole new way to watch and bring the magic of the live event to wherever you call home.

Each team has just 5 minutes to convince our expert panels of judges that they are the most likely to succeed in their category. One winner from each category will receive $50,000, a meeting with NFL executives and two tickets to Sunday’s Super Bowl.

1st and Future kicks off (see what we did there) at 8:30 am PT on Saturday, February 6th from the Standard CEMEX auditorium. The event is closed to the public, but you can follow all the action via the live stream on TechCrunch or on Twitter with the hashtag #TCNFL.

Without further ado, TechCrunch is pleased to announce the participants in 1st and Future (in order of appearance):

Bringing Home The Game
Maestro provides engaging video experiences that drive user action, sponsor & transactional revenue, and robust data collection for business-minded broadcasters.

LiveLike uses Virtual Reality to bring you and your friends together in a sports viewing experience that’s as easy as turning on your TV and as thrilling as going to the stadium.

Fanmode is making the world a stadium for fans. With its proprietary communications platform and smart device applications, Fanmode solves this problem and makes global real-time fan participation possible.

FirstV1sion’s JerseyCam enables broadcasters to offer the best action from the player’s angle in real time, making them feel the action closer than ever.

Tomorrow’s Athlete

DimeTime(by Radd3)
DimeTime is an advanced, virtual reality-based football training system featuring real NFL formations, route concepts, and real NFL player speeds and movements.

Kenzen delivers real-time health insights using patented biosensors, sweat analysis and predictive analytics. Our mission is to predict and preempt injury and health complications.

Telemetry Sports
Using machine learning and other analytical methods, the Telemetry Sports platform will change the way organizations develop their game day strategy, scout every team, and evaluate every player in the NFL.

Heddoko’s e-garments transmit live data to their users by capturing the full body movements and modeling it in 3D, allowing them to improve their performances and alleviate the risk of injury.

The Future Stadium

ReplyBuy turns conversations into transactions by enabling professional teams, universities and venues to connect in real-time with their fans via mobile, who can then execute a purchase with a quick “reply” text message.

Paranoid Fan
Paranoid Fan is a social mapping app where fans can pin, share, and discover the best kept secrets on GameDay – like where to park, find tickets, food, beer, or even your friends in a crowd of people.

Sidestep is a mobile platform that allows fans to browse and buy live event merchandise before, during and after a show for both pickup and delivery.

HYP3R makes it easy for businesses to engage influential customers at specific locations on a personal level in real-time.