Curioos Opens Up Marketplace For Its Digital Art Platform

Curioos has been selling art prints from digital artists for a few years now. But it’s been a cumbersome work to add new artists to the website. That’s why the company is automatizing the listing process by switching to a marketplace approach. Any digital artist can now submit their work and get revenue from Curioos prints.

The New York-based startup has always been restricting access to its platform by selecting the best artists. Not anyone can sell art prints on Curioos as the company only wants the best of the best.

This isn’t going to change with the new marketplace approach. New artists will still get screened by the Curioos team to make sure that it’s high quality art. Once the artist receives a green light, they can do all the rest themselves.

Before today, every time an artist wanted to sell a new artwork, Curioos had to manually issue a new contract, send it to the artist and then upload the work to the website.

Now, Curioos automatically generates selling contracts. Artists can decide if they want to sell their work exclusively on Curioos or on other platforms and can then upload their files. Instead of going through a long back-and-forth conversation with Curioos, it only takes a few minutes to sell an art print on Curioos now.

Curioos sells art prints exclusively on its website (on paper, glass, aluminum). Artists get compensated with royalties on each sale.

Switching to a marketplace approach is a great way to boost growth as Curioos will sell many more art prints on its website. Some of these artists will promote Curioos as the best way to buy art prints of their work.

Curioos doesn’t even have inventory issues as it only sells made-to-order products. And everything that can create new revenue streams for artists is a good thing.