Uber Delivered Puppies On Demand To TechCrunch Ahead Of Super Bowl Weekend

Uber has big plans for Super Bowl 50 this weekend. The rideshare platform will pick up passengers at designated areas throughout San Francisco and route them in a way that will hopefully help avoid all the traffic congestion that is already starting to happen before the big game. It’s also offering something very fun and fluffy ahead of the big day today – puppies on-demand.

The promotion is in partnership with the SFSPCA and Animal Planet, which runs the Puppy Bowl every year to help highlight some loveable critters in need of a home. It’s pretty much the cutest thing you’ll ever see.

About 70 puppies were drafted in this year’s puppy bowl, according to Uber, and dog lovers can get a visit from these special canines in seven cities throughout the United States. Thirty bucks donated through Uber and Animal Planet will give you 15 minutes of playtime during the Uber promotion today and all puppies in the program are available for adoption.

I went with the TechCrunch Video crew to check out some of the on-demand pups, including a hyper little fluffball named Honey Bee (we fell in puppy love).

Check out the video above and prepare yourself for cuteness explosion.