Zula Pivotes Into ZCast, A Podcasting Platform For The Masses

Mobile collaboration app Zula, co-founded by noted investor Jeff Pulver in 2013, won the Audience award at TC Disrupt a few years ago, and a seed round From Microsoft Ventures. From there things didn’t quite pan out, and now the company has pivoted into a new product that aims to “make podcasting accessible to the masses.”

ZCast claims to allow anyone to produce a high quality multi-member podcast from mobile or web, real-time commenting. It’s been in closed beta for the past few months, and is now available on the Apple App Store or web here.

Normal podcasting can be something of a “faff” to use a technical term. ZCast was launched to make it cheaper, and improve distribution, they say. Admittedly that sounds like Audioboom and numerous others.

With ZCast you initiate a live, “on-air”, conversation and by leveraging Twitter users are able to invite others to join the conversation as a “ZCast Co-Host” or just to listen.

Let’s hope they are luckier this time around. Odeo anyone?