Zagg Acquires Mophie For $100M+


Here’s a bit of breaking news for your Tuesday afternoon: ZAGG, best known for its line of Invisible Shield screen protectors, is acquiring Mophie, makers of the popular JuicePack line of smartphone battery cases.

Zagg will pay $100M for Mophie up front, plus a flexible 12-month earn-out based on Mophie’s performance over the next year. ZAGG says they expect the deal to close within the quarter.

In a world of billion-dollar software “unicorns”, $100M for a well-established and well-distributed brand actually seems pretty cheap. On the other hand, Mophie focuses almost entirely on USB battery packs and smartphone battery cases — and that’s quickly becoming a ridiculously crowded space, with competition from everything from no-name white label batteries handed out as conference swag, to affordable-but-generally-decent newcomers like Aukey and Anker, to Apple.