Tattoodo Raises $2.5M For Content And Commerce Tattoo Lifestyle Hub

Tattoo culture is by now very well established and of course with it has come ways of expressing that culture online. Thus, Tattoodo has styled itself as a “digital lifestyle hub for all things tattoo-related.” In English, that means it publishes content, has community and a marketplace.

The Copenhagen-based startup has now raised $2.5 million from a number of high-profile investors including our very own Jimmy Maymann (President of AOL Content and Consumer Brands), Tom Ryan (CEO, Pluto TV), Jake Nickell (CEO, Threadless), Rene Rechtman (International President, Maker Studios) and some other executives.

It’s perhaps appropriate that many of them are from the content side of the tech industry, because Tattoos are by their very nature content and becoming more and more mainstream faire.

Tattoodo is an online lifestyle outlet and marketplace that wants to be a one stop shop for the tattoo industry. The site uses content, visuals, and artist interviews with a special focus on newbies. The marketplace aspect allows users to work with artists in order to find the perfect design by submitting an idea and receiving feedback and drawings.

Mik Thobo-Carlsen, executive chairman and co-founder of Tattoodo says the site is aiming to be a “home for not just tattoo-centric people, but those who have never even thought about entering into this permanent commitment as well” and he says the new investors have the media backgrounds to help the startup.

Tattooing is the sixth fastest growing market in the retail industry with about 30% of Americans getting them now.

Entrepreneurs Johan Plenge and Mik Thobo-Carlsen launched Tattoodo in Copenhagen in 2013. World famous tattoo artist Ami James later joined.