Modsy Raises $8M Series A As It Gears Up For Public Launch

Pencil + Pixel wants to use bleeding edge technology to upgrade your digs. Eventually. Called Modsy, the service still isn’t publicly available but the company is today announcing it raised an $8 million Series A to push its mission towards a public launch.

The company soft launched its innovative design service in mid-2015. It blew me away. In its pre-launch state, a user sent the company four photos of their room and a few days later, Modsy served up a redesigned space complete with a VR rendering. If you like what you see, Modsy points you to retailers’ sites to buy the displayed items.

What the consumer sees is akin to magic. Modsy turns four smartphone photos into 3D renderings complete with swanky new furniture and accessories. Yet behind the scenes, the company is using sophisticated analysis and rendering.

Right now, there’s a wait list to use Modsy’s beta but the company is gearing up towards a public launch. Pencil + Pixel CEO and founder Shanna Tellerman says the cash will go towards hiring engineering and design talent as well as ramping up its marketing efforts for its launch.

The $8m investment brings the company’s total funding to $11.75M.