Batch Now Integrates With Firebase To Create A Parse Alternative

Following Facebook’s shutdown of Parse, many mobile app developers are looking for alternatives. Google’s Firebase is among the most popular ones. It’s a solid back-end-as-a-service that can store and sync data instantly with your apps. But the only issue is that it doesn’t support push notifications.

Many developers were also using Parse to send push notifications for marketing purposes and more. And yet, Firebase has always shied away from providing a push notification backend. Meet Batch, a push notification backend for mobile app developers.

With Batch, you can segment your user base and optimize delivery of push notifications. There are also A/B testing and analytics tools so that you can track the efficiency of your push notifications over time.

Batch has built a migration tool so that you can export your Parse data and import them into Batch. And now, you can also find details and examples to integrate Batch with Firebase to recreate an alternative to Parse.

There are obviously a few downsides. Moving from Parse to Firebase and Batch creates more dependencies on other platforms. If one of them goes under, you’ll have to find yet another alternative.

But if you’ve been using Parse and you don’t want to see your app stop functioning, you’ll have to do something. You can either use this opportunity to create your own backend by running a cloud instance on DigitalOcean, or you can move to another service. And maybe Firebase combined with Batch will work for you.