UberPUPPY Is Exactly What You Think It Is

Oh my god. Uber has finally done it. They’ve made my dreams come true.

Uber wants you to “paws whatever you’re doing,” because in honor of this week’s Puppy Bowl, the company is teaming up with Animal Planet, the SF SPCA, Peninsula Humane Society, and Berkeley Humane Society to deliver on-demand puppies to your house to hang out with you for a bit.

The puppy packs will be available this Wednesday, February 3 from 11am-2pm for $30 in an understandably limited supply. The “PUPPY” option will be available in the Uber app for users in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County, New York, Denver, and Washington DC.

The puppies are sure to have a fun time too as the promotion is being supported by some pretty respectable animal organizations that will have helpers there to be sure everyone’s being treated well.  A post on Uber’s blog specified that if you’re selected a “puppy squad and their coaches will come by for a cuddle huddle.”

The promotion is part of Uber’s larger, week-long Super Bowl offerings, many of which are focused on customers in the Bay Area, including chicken wing deliveries vie Uber Eats and backseat EA football tournaments via Uber Pool aimed at gearing customers up for the big game.