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Twitter’s Jeff Seibert On Startup Lessons Learned From Being Bought By Unicorns Like Twitter And Box

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Last week I had the chance to speak with Jeff Seibert, Senior Director of Product at Twitter and Co-Founder of Crashlytics (acquired by Twitter for $259m) and one of the main individuals leading the new guard at Twitter.

In what turned out to be a reflective interview we discussed a range of topics including what it was like raising VC money in 2009, why being overly transparent with your team can be a hindrance and why Jeff decided selling Crashlytics to Twitter was the best option, allowing them to be deployed on over 1 billion devices.

Seibert also discussed the need for startups to negotiate for continued investment in their product by their acquirer in acquisition talks; at what stage runway startups should look to go and raise again; what life is like at Twitter following the acquisition of Crashlytics — and the next 5 years for him and the Twitter product?