Reddit Android App Enters Beta, New iOS App Coming Soon

The mobile experience for Reddit has honestly always kind of sucked, and that’s one of the things Reddit CEO Steve Huffman has devoted a ton of resources to fixing since coming on as redditor-in-chief.

Today, in a post on the site, Huffman announced that Reddit would be releasing the beta of its Android app today with an iOS versions soon to follow. “Whether you access it from your desktop, a mobile browser, or a native app, we will work to make the Reddit product more engaging. Mobile in particular continues to be a priority for us,” Huffman said in the post.

In the post, titled “Reddit in 2016,” Huffman took the opportunity to highlight some of his plans for the company this year, which had an insanely eventful 2015, to say the least.

This year will see a lot of changes on Reddit. Recently we built an A/B testing system, which allows us to test changes to individual features scientifically, and we are excited to put it through its paces. Some changes will be big, others small and, inevitably, not everything will work, but all our efforts are towards making Reddit better. We are all redditors, and we are all driven to understand why Reddit works for some people, but not for others; which changes are working, and what effect they have; and to get into a rhythm of constant improvement. We appreciate your patience while we modernize Reddit.

Reddit sees a truly mind-boggling amount of traffic. Last month the app saw over 234 million unique visitors.