Dropbox Is 2% Black, 5% Hispanic, According To 2015 Diversity Report

Dropbox just released its diversity report for 2015 on the company’s blog, citing some progress around having more women in leadership positions, with 25 percent of the VPs at the company being women, but an overall decline in percentage of women. Last year, Dropbox was 33.9 percent women worldwide. This year, that percentage has dropped to 32 percent worldwide.

Regarding blacks and Hispanics, Dropbox has seen an increase in representation but the numbers are still very, very, very, VERY low. Last year in the U.S., Dropbox was just 1 percent black and 3.7 percent hispanic. This year, Dropbox is 2 percent black and 5 percent Hispanic. In technical roles in the U.S., Dropbox’s black representation has increased from 0.3 percent to 1 percent black and its hispanic representation has increased from 2 percent to 3 percent.

“And although we’ve seen improvement in the number of Blacks and Hispanics in the company, and in technical roles, their representation is starting from a very low base,” Dropbox CEO Drew Houston and Dropbox Global Head of Diversity Judith Michell Williams wrote on the company blog. “We know we have to do a lot better. Our goal is to continue to increase the number of women and underrepresented minority applicants in our pipeline and make sure we remove any biases in the hiring process.”

At the decision-making level, white people make up 73 percent of the senior leadership; Asian people represent 15 percent of the senior leadership team; and blacks and Hispanics make up just 2 percent each of the senior leadership team. Those with two or more races make up 8 percent of the senior leadership team.