Apple Is Reportedly Developing Long Distance Wireless Charging For iPads And iPhones

Apple is reportedly developing technology that would allow iPhone and iPad owners to charge their device without needing to plug it into the wall or place it on a charging mat. That’s according to a report from Bloomberg which claims the wireless charging tech could work over unspecified long distances.

Bloomberg speculated that the “cutting-edge” charging could appear in Apple devices released next year, so that would rule it out of making its way into the upcoming iPhone 7, which is expected to arrive later this year on cue with Apple’s usual launch schedule.

Right now, the best “wireless” charging phones don’t require a direct power connection but must be in contact with a mat or charger. If Apple can package genuine wireless charging into future products, that’ll help the iPhone and iPad further stand apart from competition. And, also, potentially make life a lot easier for Apple customers, particularly if the headphone jack disappears (per rumors) and the lightning outlet becomes open for a headphones connection.