Instagram Picks Up Twitter Product Head, Kevin Weil

Former Twitter product head Kevin Weil, who departed Twitter this week, has already scored a job running product for Instagram, according to reports. This would mean that Weil has landed in enemy territory, because Facebook owns Instagram.

Weil was one of a handful of executives who left Twitter on Sunday; others include engineering head Alex Roetter and also Katie Jacobs Stanton, who oversaw media. Jason Toff, general manager at Vine, announced that he was headed to Google’s virtual reality team.

Twitter has been a revolving door for several years now, particularly on its product team. Weil had been at the company since 2009, but just oversaw the product team for about a year.

Founder Jack Dorsey, who returned to the CEO position last year, is viewed as a product guy. He is involved with spearheading Twitter’s latest efforts to add new users.

Stalled user growth has been a reason why Twitter’s stock has been hitting record lows. At $17 per share, Twitter’s market cap is under $12 billion, about a quarter of the $69 price tag the stock had just two years ago.

Facebook, on the other hand, has seen its shares almost double in the same timeframe. Its success has been, in part, due to strong growth on mobile, particularly Instagram.

Weil may or may not have been ousted (Dorsey insists his execs quit all at once), but if he’s headed to ultra popular Instagram, it looks like he will have the last laugh.