Google Brings Commenting To Sheets And Slides On Mobile

Google announced today a couple of updates to the commenting features in its Google Apps productivity suite.

These include the launch of mobile commenting in the iOS and Android apps for Slides and Sheets. Thanks to this, the commenting experience in Google’s apps is now (almost) the same across all of its apps — whether on the web or on mobile. I’m not sure why Google didn’t already offer this before, but better late than never, right?

Commenting made easier Docs

Another feature Google is launching across Docs, Sheets and Slides today is the ability to instantly add people to a comment thread by simply typing their names (no need to start with an ‘@’ or ‘+’).

As a Google spokesperson told me, adding somebody to the comments through this new feature means they’ll get a notification that they’ve been added, but they don’t automatically get access to the document. If the document is already public, they can just go ahead and comment, as well. If not, they can then request access to the document.

In Google Docs on the web, Google is now also making it easier to add a comment thanks to its new “instant comment” feature. With this, you simply select the part of the text you want to comment on and a little icon will pop up to the right of the document that lets you add a comment with just a click.