Gone, The Service For Selling Your Old Junk, Goes Live In Seattle And The Bay Area

It’s easy to accumulate a bunch of stuff that you don’t need, like old phones and laptops, etc. It’s not so easy to get rid of that junk.¬†Gone, the service that helps you sell your old crap, is expanding to offer their full concierge service to Seattle and the Bay Area.

What is Gone?

The service launched in Austin back in June of last year with a simple premise. If you can spare the time to take a picture of something you want to sell, Gone will handle the rest. Gone Concierge comes to your house, picks up the item, packages it, sells it, and ships it, simply mailing you a check when the process is complete.

To expand more rapidly, Gone unveiled a lite version of the service that would ship users the proper packaging materials and shipping labels so they could send their sold wares all on their own.

But the Concierge service is the most attractive feature of Gone. Who wants to stand in a line at the post office?

Gone originally had a Concierge service in Austin and San Francisco proper, but today’s announcement expands the Concierge on-demand service to Seattle and the entirety of the Bay Area.

The company projects $3 million supply side gross margin volume, and plans to expand to 10 additional cities this year, including New York, Boston, LA, Miami and Chicago.

According to Gone, users make around $250 each when they sell with Gone and average selling about four items on the platform.

You can check out Gone for yourself right here.