Facebook Updates Audience Network To Include Support For Mobile Web

For Facebook, ads are still kind when it comes to talking about the bottom line, and paramount to that success are the platforms that allow the company to serve its personalized ads across the web. Audience Network, which was previously only available in mobile apps, has been Facebook’s main tool in the expanding its ad network’s reach.

Today, Facebook announced that Audience Network would be expanding to include support for mobile web, a move that will undoubtedly open up the platform to scads of new publishers. The company also noted that today’s expansions allows the 2.5 million existing Facebook advertisers to “reach more of the people they care about on mobile devices”

This is a major move for the company that is undoubtedly going to bring a major quantity of new customers, all looking to see the power of Facebook’s highly notable ad platform make advertising suck less on their site.

In a blog post, Facebook detailed just how essential the Audience Network had grown to be in terms of advertising spend on the platform:

Since its October 2014 launch, the Audience Network has been delivering real value for people, publishers and advertisers; we recently shared that in Q4 2015 we reached a billion dollar annual run rate for advertising spend through the Audience Network, with the bulk of that value being passed to publishers.

In addition to being more personalized, a major selling point of Audience Network-powered ads is that they are far less obtrusive and can offer a more customizable native ad format.

Audience Network for mobile web is currently in beta and interested parties can sign up here to join.