Apple TV And Apple Watch (Probably) Had A Big Quarter

Apple posted its quarterly earnings after the bell on Tuesday, showcasing record profits of $18.4 billion.

While the release made it easy to determine that 74.8 million iPhones were sold, in line with analyst estimates, Apple’s “other” category makes it difficult to assess how many Apple Watches and TVs were purchased.

What we do know is that the $4.35 billion in the “other” category saw a big jump — not just 62 percent annually, but up 43 percent since the last quarter. This means that there was a spike in sales months after the initial Apple Watch release in April. This could be because of increased holiday sales or a popular fourth generation Apple TV. Beats headphones and iPods are also included in  “other.”

Without giving specific sales numbers, CEO Tim Cook said on the earnings call that it was the “best quarter by far for Apple TV sales.” There are 3,600 apps available for the TV now, he said. 

Cook added that the company “set a new quarterly record for Apple Watch sales…especially strong sales in the month of December.” Apple has never released specific Watch sales numbers. 

Upon seeing the “other” numbers, Asymco analyst Horace Dediu updated his Apple Watch projections:

He also showed this chart, with an estimated breakdown by device.

Analyst estimates for Apple Watch sales have varied widely.