Announcing The 2016 Crunch Network Editorial Calendar

Last year we debuted Crunch Network, a collaboration between our community of thinkers, readers and makers that produced insights into how technology is shaping (and reshaping) society. Frankly, the results were amazing.

Senatorssenior strategists and chief executives came through with amazing insights into where we stand now and where we’re going — as innovation continues to transform fiction into fact and yesterday’s dreams of how to make the world better into tomorrow’s businesses that actually make the world better.

It’s been a pleasure to read all of your wise words and share them with the wider world. And we’d like to keep going. So we’re here to present you with the editorial calendar for 2016.

Again, we’re looking for pieces that explore the intersection of technology and aspects of society. Everything from the latest laboratory research, to surveys of the startup landscape and its relationship with diversity, to the newest innovation in the arts and latest thinking from philosophers on the ramifications of it all — we want to read about all of it — and, apparently, so do you.

By no means are these subjects exhaustive. We find it exhilarating to read your best thoughts about anything. So in addition to getting articles on the themes below, we’ll take your words on anything and everything you think worth writing about.

Head over to our brand-new Crunch Network page to submit your post today.


Entertainment’s fine line: How has tech emerged as a connective tissue between the myriad aspects of entertainment and the arts?


The pleasure principle: How are startups, entrepreneurs, researchers and others thinking about ways in which technology can enliven our lives?


Transforming wealth: What does money mean these days and how is technology changing our economies?


Safety first: What’s the latest from the tech world to help secure our physical and virtual lives?


Spaces and places: How technology is changing the environments where we live, work and play for better or for worse.


Reality used to be a friend of mine: In the digital age, what’s real? What’s human? What does existence mean? How are these things changing with new innovations?


Survive and thrive: What technologies will reshape human health … and healthcare?


Movement is the message: How is technology changing the ways we get around in our neighborhood, on our globe and in our solar system?


Our moral fiber: What are the biggest questions our innovations are forcing us to face? How does technology shift our moral compass?


Our robot overlords: How is work changing in the age of AI, automation and autonomous robots.


The function of government and a government of functions: How algorithms are changing politics and how politics are changing startups.


Better by design: How is tech changing the ways products are planned, produced and promoted? And what marvels are around the corner from the design world?