The Weather On Android Just Got A Whole Lot Better

weather_flow_360 (1)If you are and Android user and want to know whether it’ll rain or snow tomorrow, just searching for ‘weather’ on Google always gave you a quick and easy way to find out. But while Google would happily show you basic weather info, this was never the most exciting of experiences. Starting today, however, you’ll see a far more graphical and in-depth weather experience on Android.

The new interface isn’t just prettier (colors will change depending on sky conditions and yes, there’s a weather frog, too), it also shows you far more information than before. The new weather experience will show you air quality, UV index, sunrise and sunset times, as well as dew points and pressure (for the real weather nerds).

Also new with this update is the ability to add additional locations to the experience. You’ll be able to switch between them with the help of a drop-down menu.

Just like before, it looks like the actual weather information is provided by, which will soon become an IBM property.