The Apple Watch Hermès Collection Is Coming To Apple’s Website

The Apple Watch Hermès has been a rare, expensive fashion accessory. Apple announced the limited edition and partnership at its conference in September and released the watch in October 2015. The only issue is that only a handful of stores in major cities are selling this watch. According to Fashionista, the watch will be available on and Hermès’s website on Friday.

As a reminder, the Apple Watch Hermès comes with a stainless steel Apple Watch, an iconic leather strap and an exclusive watch face. Hermès has been using brown leather with a white seam in for its mechanical watches. The company is reusing the same design paired with an Apple Watch. Hermès is making the straps in its French tannery. As for the watch face, it uses Hermès’s typeface and features the company’s logo.

There are three different strap models and four different colors — brown, blue, black and red. The iconic double tour and handcuff straps are a stark departure from Apple’s sober design elements.

Depending on the model and the strap, an Apple Watch Hermès costs betweeen $1,100 and $1,500. Quite expensive, but it’s sill a lot cheaper than the gold Apple Watch Edition. It will be interesting to see whether Apple is going to partner with other fashion companies in the future for limited editions. But we might have to wait for the Watch 2.

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