Glassbreakers Raises ~$2 Million For Its Diversity And Inclusion Software

Glassbreakers, the mentorship platform for women and enterprise software solution for scaling inclusion efforts, has raised $1.98 million from Social Leverage, bringing its total funding to ~$3 million. The new funding will enable Glassbreakers to further invest in the development of its platform.

Glassbreakers enterprise software is geared toward companies with at least 10,000 employees. It offers mentorship for women, a content channel to highlight company thought leaders, and company-specific data analytics around diversity.

Down the road, Glassbreakers will offer its solution to all employee resource groups, like ones for LGBTQI people, and people from diverse racial and ethnic groups. That being said, Glassbreakers is already built with intersectionality in mind, with ways for trans women of color, for example, to connect with each other. The only people the software doesn’t serve are white, cisgender men.

This year, Glassbreakers plans to pilot its enterprise platform with 10 companies across different sectors. These companies will be part of Glassbreakers’ multi-stakeholder community —called the GB10 — geared toward learning and sharing best diversity and inclusion practices.

“Glassbreakers is set to completely redefine how companies address, support and scale diversity and inclusion,” Social Leverage General Partner Gary Benitt said in a statement. “We believe that Glassbreakers’ enterprise model solves a huge pain point for large businesses by providing the tools to measure impact in hyper­relevant ways. We see tremendous growth opportunities with Glassbreakers as the first to market enterprise software for diversity.”