WayUp Launches An iPhone App To Let Students Apply For Jobs On The Go

It’s obvious that college students love their phones.

Which is why WayUp, formerly Campus Jobs, has today unveiled an iPhone app, giving students the opportunity to apply for jobs directly from their smartphone.

WayUp originally launched as CampusJob, offering a marketplace where employers could post job listings and students could load up profiles and hunt for jobs during the semester or summer.

phone actionThe platform has been up and running on the web since September 2014, and has grown to “hundreds of thousands of users,” according to Liz Wessel. The last time the company announced user numbers was in April of last year following the close of a $7.8 million Series A round, at which point WayUp had 150,000 users.

Wessel did say that in this first week back to school she’s seeing 10,000 new sign-ups per week from students.

The new app has been available organically over the past month, but is today being pushed to WayUp’s full user base of students. Wessel also says that users are applying to jobs 34 percent more on the app than on the desktop. Given that the pool of users on the app is small compared to the overall WayUp user population, it’s hard to tell if users will continue to prefer applying via mobile over desktop.

Still, the app offers functionality that isn’t available on desktop, like push notifications when an employer has looked at the user’s profile. On desktop, the service depends on email notifications.

You can check WayUp’s new app right here.