The Eye Tribe Tracker Pro Offers Affordable Eye Tracking For $199

The Eye Tribe first brought their clever eye-tracking hardware to our Hardware Battlefield where they showed us how easy – and potentially useful – it was to track eye movements across a screen. Created by four former PhD students from the IT University of Copenhagen, the system was initially aimed at developers and sold about 10,000 units.

Now the team is back with a consumer product, the $199 Eye Tribe Tracker Pro, a version of the system that can be used by nearly anyone. Considering most eye trackers are about $20,000, this is a big deal.

“We are now offering the world’s first truly affordable eye tracking solution for people with disabilities, being 10-100 times less expensive than the current assistive eye tracking technology,” said co-founder Sune Alstrup Johansen.

The device sits on your laptop and watches your peepers as you scroll through data. The kit comes with a Optikey, a “free open source on-screen keyboard that will empower the silent with a voice” and allows people with disabilities to type with eye movements.

The company has raised $3 million in seed funding.

The new system will ship this year and is available online.