Walker & Company Introduces The Super Sleek Bevel Trimmer

Hot off of raising a $24M Series B round and inking a deal with Target for its Bevel brand, Walker & Company Brands has launched a brand new product — Bevel Trimmer. The company calls it “the most advanced device for trimming and shaping coarse or curly hair” and comes with a fresh new partnership with rapper Nas.

While Walker & Company might not be your typical “tech company,” this device is beautifully designed from the ground up with its founder and CEO Tristan Walker leading the way. There’s a lot of market research that went along with its creation, as well as deep technical understanding.

On the launch, Walker said:

“We heard our customers loud and clear – they wanted a trimmer that would perfectly complement the Bevel Shave System. Now it’s here.” It’s not just a trimmer with a few slick tricks by way of design, Walker and his team went “all the way” on evolving a product that seems to get very few important iterations:

We’ve re-engineered an essential grooming tool, creating the most advanced device for trimming and shaping coarse or curly hair. Informed by exhaustive research into what Master Barbers and our customers alike wanted, Bevel Trimmer is another way we’re delivering on our promise to make health and beauty simple for people of color.

It’s really quite gorgeous and has a slew of features for ease of use and durability:

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The Bevel Trimmer is available for pre-order and runs $179.95.

Its product “ambassador” Nas, had this to say on seeing the Bevel Trimmer for the first time:

This product is needed. It’s kind of crazy that there hasn’t been any real innovation in this space. We deserve better. When Tristan first showed the Trimmer to me and my barber, we knew it was a game-changer because it has what barbers and consumers want – it cuts precise and clean lines, it’s powerful, clean and well-designed. I think people are going to love it.

Here’s Nas in the Bevel Trimmer intro video, which is really well done. Hopefully it makes it way to TV sets everywhere:

tristan-walker10It’s been an interesting journey for Walker, who is well known for his time at Foursquare, but also his time watching trends and startups as an EIR at Andreessen Horowitz, who has participated in Walker & Company Brands’ funding. The Walker & Company brand is clearly much more than “just” a health and beauty startup or an expert on shaving, it has a loyal community of followers, and customers, that are looking to Walker and his team for support, tips and more.

Here’s Walker speaking to us this year at Disrupt about his career and his thoughts on diversity: