Facebook’s ‘Mentions’ App For Celebrities And Other Verified Users Comes To Android

News just in that’s strictly for the one-percenters among us: Facebook Mentions, the service for verified users of the global social network, is now available for users with Android devices.

The app isn’t open to all, you need that elusive blue tick of verification/fame to get it. That’s because it’s designed to give verified users a way to easily share public status updates, photos and videos with fans on the go — all without spamming their actual friends along the way. Mentions will only post publicly, to fans and followers, but — crucially — it is also the designated app for live video streaming. (Live broadcasting was initially just for famous people, but Facebook began gradually rolling it out to all users last month.)

Facebook launched Mentions for iOS way back in July 2014 so it’s certainly taken the app, which is marketed at “actors, athletes, musicians and other influencers,” some time to make its way to the Android side of mobile.

So, in summary, if you’re an ambitious young TechCrunch reader, you won’t need to dump your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or Xiaomi Mi Note when you make it big as a celeb, famous tech founder or sports player. That’s one less weight off your mind, no doubt.