Nest’s Smart Home Apps Are Back Online Following Outages

Nest users who depend on their connected products to monitor their homes experienced a hiccup in connectivity Saturday that left users scrambling to figure out what was happening.

In the absence of any initial details from Nest, many users flocked to Twitter to vent their frustrations with the company’s products, and also reflect on the risks inherent to trusting connected devices with sensitive tasks like monitoring children.

Users were reportedly unable to log into the mobile or web apps at all, with many users reporting several hours of outages on Saturday afternoon affecting the use of their smoke alarms, thermostats and camera monitoring systems.

This outage follows a software bug in Nest thermostats that Gizmodo reported yesterday had left thermostat batteries drained (leading to devices shutting off) for many Nest users. Both of these service interruptions came at a pretty inopportune time for Nest thermostat owners as a good chunk of the United States has been experiencing some pretty frigid temperatures.

A representative from Nest confirmed to me that services had indeed been interrupted Saturday but that all login access has since been fixed.