Faraday Future’s Chief Engineer Is Short On Answers, Full Of Buzzwords

Faraday Future’s Nick Sampson joined me on the TechCrunch CES 2016 for what turned out to be a lively interview. Sampson is Faraday’s Senior Vice President of R&D and engineering and, I guess, moonlights as the company’s spokesperson. But he’s no Elon Musk.

So far even after the company’s public reveal, very little is known about Faraday Future. Sampson barely knew how to describe the design features of the wild concept the company had just announced. The company seems more interested in building hype than cars.

The full 20 minute interview is embedded here and I have a lot more thoughts on the company that I’ll publish in the coming days. From my vantage point, Faraday Future feels like the Donald Trump of startups.