MatterHackers Releases A Tablet That Lets You Design 3D Prints On The Go

Most 3D printer apps are fairly basic – mostly they’re used to monitor print jobs. MatterHackers has just released the MatterControl Touch T10, a 10-inch, $299 tablet that allows you to place items, edit them, and even print them on the fly using a powerful Android-powered tablet.

Because the device is dedicated to 3D printing it can slide 3D models and around and resize them on the screen. It supports “any 3D printer that runs G-code and has a direct USB connection.” This means it doesn’t support Makerbot or FlashForge printers yet.

It may seem a little goofy to release a tablet for your 3D printer but it definitely makes sense it, say your printer is in a public lab where it’s easier to allow users to edit models right from the printer than futz around on a laptop. This also gives wireless capabilities to printers that might be a little on the disconnected side. Can you just run a regular tablet and get the same deal? Oh, no, good sir:

MatterControl Touch tablets have been modified at the hardware and firmware level in order to act as a dedicated computing device connected over USB. It it important to note that these devices do not come with a battery and are not meant to work separately from the 3D printer itself.

You can order the the tablet here.