Hands On With Google’s Project Tango Developer Kit

Yesterday we checked out an event hosted by Lenovo and Google, where the duo announced that Lenovo would be making the first Project Tango Phone. While we found out that the device would ship this summer and cost under $500, we didn’t get many other details on the device.

However, the company gave us a chance to play with Project Tango’s developer kit, which, is a tablet jam-packed with all of cameras and sensors required to run Project Tango.

We tried out a few different consumer-targeted apps, including a AR measuring stick, 3D room scanner, and a AR shooting game.

While its going to be at least another 6 months before Project Tango makes it into the hands of consumers, it was nice to see that the technology is progressing nicely, and will ultimately provide a bevy of features for developers working with AR and 3D technologies.