And The Winner Of Hardware Battlefield 2016 Is… Nima By 6SensorLabs

The competition was very fierce for the third edition of our Hardware Battlefield. Fourteen shockingly good hardware startups competed to win the coveted Metal Man trophy. These companies had a very special CES experience as they all pitched in front of multiple groups of judges on stage at the Sands Expo. The startups were competing for $50,000 and being named the winner of the Hardware Battlefield.

After many deliberations, our judges narrowed the list down to four finalists: gluten-testing device Nima by 6SensorLabs, programmable robotic arm Carbon Robotics, fingerprint-powered mobile gun lock Identilock and 3D-printed insole maker Wiivv.

These startups made their way to the finale to demo in front of our final panel of judges, which were CyPhy Works CEO and Founder Helen Greiner, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, Highway1 VP Brady Forrest, and TechCrunch Senior Editor Matt Burns.

And now, meet the TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield 2015 winner.

Winner: Nima by 6SensorLabs

6SensorLabs lets you test your food for gluten in less than two minutes. You just take a tiny sample, put it into a capsule and then put it into the device. Once the test is done, you’ll get a smiley face or a sad face depending on whether your food contains gluten.

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Runner-up: Wiivv

Wiivv lets you create a custom, 3D-printed insole in a brand new way. First, the company asks you to take 5 pictures of your feet using your smartphone, then you can customize colors and have your name engraved. Finally, the company uses an adaptive manufacturing system that is both convenient and affordable — it only costs $75.

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And that’s a wrap! But CES doesn’t stop with the Hardware Battlefield. We will be in town for another couple of days and you can read all the news coming out of the show.

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