The Grillbot Is A Robot That Cleans Your Grill

DSC_0101Lazy grillers, rejoice. Thanks to the Grillbot, you may never have to clean your grill again.

Today at CES we discovered the Grillbot, and it’s exactly what it sounds like – a robot that you plop down to automatically clean your dirty grill. Selling for $129, the robot has three replaceable metal bristles that help the robot both clean and move around your grill.

The device has a rechargeable battery, three electric motors, and an LCD alarm and timer so you can leave it and walk away while it does its thing.

Now here’s the rub. You need to wait until your grill hits a temperature of about 200 degrees before you can start the cleaner. Since normal grill temperatures are around 400 degrees, you’ll have to wait a bit for the grill to cool down before you can start cleaning. However, Grillbot does have an alarm that will sound if you ever place it on a grill that is too hot.

Ultimately, the Grillbot isn’t going to be as effective as good old elbow grease, but could be a neat gift for yourself or any lazy griller in your life.

CES 2016