Lenovo Is Making The First Google Project Tango Phone

Lenovo announced at CES that the company would be producing the first Project Tango phone. As a reminder, Project Tango is an ambitious project that adds depth as well as a bunch of sensors to your device’s camera.

The conference was a little short on details. All we know is that Lenovo is going to release a phone that is going to cost less than $500. The device is going to be released this Summer and the company doesn’t have a final design just yet. The picture you can see above is just one out of the five designs they are currently working on.

Also new today, Google announced an app incubator program to motivate developers. The best apps will be pre-loaded on Lenovo’s phone.

The only remaining question is whether Lenovo is an exclusive partner or if Google is going to announce more phones with other OEMs in the coming months. Project Tango is still brand new and Google is probably not going to roll out Tango to millions of Android phones just yet.

In case you need a refresher, we played with the development kit that was released last year. You can watch our video recap below.

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