Meet Glance, A Smart Wall Clock That Displays More Than The Time

Glance is a smart wall clock featured in our Hardware Battlefield competition at CES and launching soon. The device is not only a good looking wall clock, it is also a great way to get all the information you need in a visual way.

When you wake up, the clock will display how much you slept based on your activity tracking device. The clock, which is 12 inches in diameter and lasts 3-6 months on a battery, can also showcase emails and Uber arrival times.

The company’s founder and CEO Anton Zriashchev spoke to TechCrunch about additional use cases for his clock. “It shows your sleep hours right at the moment you wake up, the weather forecast at the moment you are going for a walk,” he says, and it can show your schedule from Google Calendar for the next day.

Ziraschev said he was inspired by a book from entrepreneur David Rose called “Enchanted Objects,” which spoke of a more organic way of interacting with digital data. And it’s true, Glance is a good looking yet useful object.

The Glance team is based in Singapore and is marketing the company as the first smart wall clock that displays data from wearables including Jawbone and Fitbit, smart home devices like SmartThings, Nest and more.

This is not the first rodeo for Ziraschev. “Last year I had a startup in the smart home area and it failed for some reason,” he said. But it’s all about timing after all, and Glance knows a few things about that.

CES 2016