Find Your Trainer Helps You (Duh!) Find A Personal Trainer

We’ve seen plenty of startups succeed in the fitness space, from activity frackers like Fitbit to gym subscriptions like Classpass.

But access to a personal trainer has yet to be democratized. Until now

Find Your Trainer, with a fresh $1.5 million in seed funding, is an on-demand marketplace that connects customers with personal trainers that fit the user’s personal goals.

Most of these trainers come direct to the user’s house, but can also meet at a local gym or in the park.

Trainers on the platform can set their own pricing based on experience and know-how, but pricing usually ranges between $50 and $80, which is substantially lower than the base $120 trainer that you’d contract from a gym like Equinox.

Scheduling ranges between as soon as tomorrow up to two weeks out, and the FYT platform handles everything from scheduling to payments for both parties.

But FYT goes a step beyond that by facilitating a good match between trainer and client, looking at things like goals, location and other preferences.

Users can order a trainer on a one-off basis or purchase a four-pack.

In terms of retention, FYT says that both trainers and clients appreciate the fact that the platform handles the messy details, and thus rarely take their relationship off the platform.

Because FYT is a platform with already built-in infrastructure for trainers, the company has already expanded to over 300 cities in 10 states.

You can check out FYT here.