The URB-E Is A Foldable Electric Scooter For The Urban Commuter

Debuting in prototype-form at CES a few years ago, the URB-E is finally ready for the spotlight.

Weighing just under 35 pounds, the foldable scooter can carry an adult up to 20 miles at a top speed of around 15 MPH.

Today at CES I met with the URB-E team, and they walked me through their new product.

All models are made using aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and carbon fiber handles, and include a removable lithium-ion battery that is fully chargeable within four hours.

Interestingly, the battery has a USB connection, meaning you can plug in accessories like headlights, brake lights, or even an adapter to charge your iPhone.

The URB-E is now available for sale, and the scooter is retailing in a variety of colors for $1,499 or a “black label” edition for $1,699, which comes with a little more torque.

CES 2016