Identilock Is A Mobile Gun Lock That Keeps Firearms Secure

If a parent makes the choice to keep a firearm in their home, a key decision that follows should be how to keep the kids safe.

Launching today from CES 2016 Battlefield is Identilock, a smart gunlock that allows users to biometrically secure their gun and unlock it within a second at what their team claims is a 100% accuracy rate thanks to the company’s specialized IP.

The lock needs to be charged every six months or so due to the embedded fingerprint sensor, but can be unlocked via a physical key if your weapon is left lying dormant for longer.

Something important to gun owners investing in safety tech like locks or safes is the ability to quickly access their firearm when they need to. Bulky safes can slow down gun owners when they believe they need to access their weapon most.

“Mobility is essential [with Identilock]; it really secures the gun wherever you are,” Identilock inventor Omer Kiyani told TechCrunch.

The spring-loaded lock allows users to unlock the Identilock with their fingerprints while holding the grip of their weapon, at which point it falls right off the trigger guard, freeing the gun to be used immediately.

Yesterday, President Obama gave a speech urging government entities to invest time and research into smart gun technology, hoping that they would “conduct or sponsor research into gun safety technology that would reduce the frequency of accidental discharge or unauthorized use of firearms, and improve the tracing of lost or stolen guns.”

Kiyani, having been a victim of gun violence himself, felt particularly drawn to use his engineering background to tackle gun safety, and after the events that transpired at Sandy Hook, he decided to devote himself to starting this project.

“There are enough people in America that carry,” Kiyani said. “So that everybody needs to secure their firearm.”

Identilock has already received recognition after winning a grant from Ron Conway’s Smart Tech Foundation Challenge that sought to highlight up-and-coming gun safety tech. Kiyani tells me his lock is now the first-ever gun safety technology exhibiting at CES.

The Identilock is available now for pre-order online and Kiyani says the product is expected to ship this summer. It will retail for $319. Comfortability is always important to gun owners and Kiyani detailed that the company will be offering a 90-day return policy so that customers can test out the tech and see if it’s right for them.

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