Andre Agassi Invests In Square Panda To Help Kids Read

Tennis legend Andre Agassi is furthering his commitment to childhood education, investing in a tool that teaches kids how to read. The Andre Agassi Foundation is working with Square Panda on its digital games that promote literacy in preschool age children.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Agassi announced that he will be joining the board of Square Panda and the team unveiled its first product, a phonics playset.

Agassi spoke to us about why he is getting involved with this project. “My lack of education was my lack of choice in life,” he said in a video with TechCrunch TV. “Tennis was what I was going to do from the time I was born.  It was the environment I was raised in.”

Square Panda CEO Andy Butler added, “It’s absolutely critical to reach children at this point in their lives to launch them on a successful.” Pre-orders for the new Square Panda product have started online and it will begin shipping in April of this year.

Agassi is no stranger to educational initiatives.  He created the Turner-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund to create charter schools and seek out investment opportunities with a social impact.

“It’s been my life’s work,” he said.