The Avegant Glyph Will Let You Watch 3D Movies On A Plane

Avegant is showcasing its new product at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. Originally backed by Kickstarter, the startup is releasing its Glyph media player that doubles as a headset.

Equipped with 3D capabilities, the wearable device can connect to a computer or smartphone via an HDMI connector, displaying movies and the Internet on a private viewing screen. When turned to its side, the product can be used as headphones.

TechCrunch spoke with Richard Kerris, chief marketing officer at Avegant. With the Glyph, people can watch “anything you want, anywhere you want.” Kerris spoke of watching movies and checking email with privacy on a plane.

The screen is made with Gorilla Glass and uses “a million mirrors per eye reflecting,” says Kerris.

While the wearable device looks like a virtual reality headset, do not get these products confused. Kerris says that virtual reality headsets like Oculus are designed to take you to an alternate world, whereas the Glyph “keeps your spatial awareness” and lets you stay cognizant of your surroundings.

Pre-orders begin this month, with the Glyph available for $599 until the 15th. After that, it will retail for $699.

Avegant is based in Redwood City and has raised over $30 million in funding from Intel Capital and others.