Acer Goes All-In With Rugged And All-In-One Chrome Devices

Remember Chromebooks? Acer does. The company has announced a $180 “rugged” Chromebook laptop and an iMac-like all-in-one – called a Chromebase – with optional touchscreen.

The devices are low cost and promise a bit of performance. The laptop, the CB3-131, has an 11.6-inch display, Intel Celeron processor, and up to 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. It also has an SD card reader.


The Chromebase 24 has a 24-inch screen, webcam, and up to 4GB of RAM. No pricing available yet.

These two devices are obviously aimed at a consumer looking for a little bit of power at a nice price and, although I haven’t seen numbers on Chromebook uptake, there is something compelling about a laptop that costs less than a gaming console.