The Moment A World Cup Skier Was Nearly Hit By A Drone Falling Out Of The Sky

Drone registration may seem like unnecessary hassle for some, but an incident at the alpine skiing world cup this week illustrated why the FAA is pushing for regulation.

Skier Marcel Hirscher was nearly hit by a drone which fell out of the sky, landing inches from the athlete as he made his way through the course during his second run of the event.

The full clip is on NBC Sports. It’s quite surreal how the drone crashes down during the live broadcast. Four-time world champion Hirscher was fortunate that he wasn’t impacted by its fall.

“This is horrible. This can never happen again. This can be a serious injury,” Hirscher told The Associated Press.

The drone itself belonged to a TV camera crew, although it isn’t clear what caused it to blank out and crash.

Hat tip The Next Web