Kim Dotcom Ruled Eligible For Extradition to US, Will Appeal

After a ten week trial and more than 3 years after the raid on Kim Dotcom’s mansion, a New Zealand judge has denied an extradition stay for Kim Dotcom and his three business associates.

This means that the group is now eligible to be extradited to the United States to face copyright related charges stemming from his involvement in file-sharing site MegaUpload.

However, this doesn’t Dotcom will end up in the US anytime soon. The ultimate decision will rest on the shoulders of New Zealand Justice Minister Amy Adams. But before Adams can make a decision, Dotcom’s legal team will appeal the decision to the NZ High Court.

Under the extradition treaty between the US and NZ, Dotcom was eligible for extradition on two charges – money laundering and racketeering. While there are protections against extradition for New Zealand residents, Dotcom (a German and Finnish duel-citizen) is only a NZ permanent resident.

Today’s decision was in no way a conviction – it simply means that the NZ Judge ruled that the US has enough evidence to warrant a legitimate case in a United States court. Even after three years, there are still layers of appeals and bureaucracy standing between Dotcom and an American prison.

Until an appeal is heard Dotcom will remain out on bail, living in a newly rented waterfront residence. Dotcom moved out of his infamous countryside mansion a few weeks ago, citing mounting legal fees as the reason for the downgrade.