Instagram Makes It Easier To Share From Boomerang

Right before the holidays, Instagram snuck in an update for its most second-most popular spun-out app, Boomerang. The app currently sits in the top 250 on the App Store’s free apps.

The changes, although subtle, will probably make its users super happy. The premise of the app is to make little clipped-together videos, similar to an animated GIF or an Apple Live Photo. It feeds into Instagram, obviously, and the team made the process “smoother and faster” for both iOS and Android versions.

Here’s the update:

We’ve improved the Boomerang app to make it even easier to create and share Boomerang videos, now available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Videos are no longer automatically saved to your phone’s camera roll, so you can take videos and choose to save your best ones. Sharing to Instagram is also smoother and faster.

For iPhone and iPad, Boomerang now works with your device’s flash so you can make videos in the dark. You can also control the length of your video for up to 20 frames. On iPhone or iPad, tap and hold the capture button, then let go at the perfect moment.

Automatically saving videos is a pain in the ass, as you can quickly run out of storage on your device, so having the option is nice. It also makes you spend a bit more time getting it just right when given the decision.