Blaze Laser Projection Bike Light Comes To All 11,500 Santander Bikes In London

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Blaze has come a long way. After participating in our Hardware Battlefield competition two years ago, the company signed a deal with a big client, London’s bike-sharing program.

Starting next year, Blaze will provide Santander bikes with new safer lights. All 11,500 of them will get a Blaze light. But why does London want this special light?

Blaze’s bike light isn’t your average light. It projects a green pictogram on the ground in front of you. The vast majority of biking accidents happen when a car turns in front of a bike because the driver failed to notice the biker. Blaze makes riding a bike safer at night with this simple pictogram.

Transport for London says that Blaze’s trial on Santander bikes was “overwhelmingly positive.” And this is a big deal for a young startup like Blaze.

Santander and TfL are going to pay $1.3 million to equip the fleet of bikes with these new lights (£860,000). Santander will pay the vast majority of the bill while TfL will pay $140,000 (£92,000). With this move, London is hoping that there will be less bike accidents next year.

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Via Wired